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Junior Match Play Options

In-Facility Events

These events consist of small one day tournaments. To ensure the comfortability of the players they will only be competing against players in their clinics. These events will be done regularly throughout the year in order to give players as much experience as possible.


Junior Team Tennis

A weekend event that assigns players to age and skill appropriate teams. These teams will have the opportunity to play both singles and doubles matches against other teams throughout the area. This is a great way to learn the dynamics of playing on a team and to further develop a player's match skills. For more information regarding Junior Team Tennis please visit our Junior Team Tennis section on the home page.


One day Tournaments

These are designed for the competitive player with less experience. These tournaments will typically be played in a Round Robin format where the emphasis will be placed on gaining match play experience.


Weekend Tournaments

These tournaments are designed for the competitive player with a bit more experience. These tournaments are typically formatted in the traditional tournament style and allow players to further develop their skills and match play experience.

Junior Match Play Options: News & Updates

For more information please contact Dave Porter at 352-262-4905

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