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Junior Grand Prix


What is Grand Prix Circuit Play?

  In short, it is a series of timed match play events that we will be hosting through the entire year. We will host one per month as the schedule indicates on our website.   It will be a point based competition as well, with the winners getting a prize at the end of the year of a brand new racquet and bag courtesy of Coach Robert and Jonesville Tennis. Our grand prix play will last approximately 2-3 hours depending on the division and round robin play.  If you choose to play tougher tournaments, those are weekend tournaments and typically only win and advance type play.

How Do I Enter?

Simply click on the registration form either on our website or  here and it will send you to the sign up for the tournaments. This link will change from month to month so it will be updated.  You DON'T have to be a usta member to play but you will need a unique ID.. You can sign up for one for free at usta. com..  However, to get more points in the standings you will need to become a USTA member.

How does the scoring work?  

We will use simple scoring to make it easier on everyone.  You will get...

1 point for every tournament you sign up for 

1 point for every MATCH WIN

These points will increase based on the type of tournament you play.

Our Grand Prix tournaments are designated L8 or Level 8..  However if you play a L7, which is a tougher tournament, you will get double the points. A L6 would be triple, etc. 

Leaderboard will be on our website and updated weekly.  If you do play tougher tournaments, please email me at so I can verify and update your points accordingly.

We are hoping that this will help motivate our students to play a few more tournaments and help promote their development of their game... We can't wait to see you on the courts!

Anyone wishing to participate should contact our local coordinator Robert Taylor at 352-216-9318.

Junior Grand Prix: Courses
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